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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

A Couple of Ideas for Father's Day

The good folks at Sauce Communications and De Bortoli wines were kind enough to send a few samples to tie in with Father's Day (1st Sunday in September in Australia), so here's a few options for what to buy Dad (or the person you call Dad, or who acts as your Dad but may actually be your Mum).

De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon 2011
For those of you unfamiliar with the term Botrytis, it is essentially a fungus that attacks the grapes, dehyradating them and leaving behind concentrated sugars.  In the right conditions and with good winemaking, that is an excellent conditional set to make sweet and concentrated wines, as with De Bortoli’s Noble One.

Aromatically it’s all honeyed, honeysuckle with touches of quince. Whilst those descriptors may have you immediately thinking dessert, the Noble One is also more than a match with some selected cheese. Go on, treat Dad and splash out on some deliciously ripe blue such as Milawa (a friend way back convinced me to match mould and botrytis with mould in cheese - a winner!). Equally, if Dad is sweet tooth inclined, knock up a batch of these Souffle l’Orange. 93 

De Bortoli Old Boys 21 Barrel Aged Tawny NV
If Dad prefers something a touch darker after dinner, then this non-vintage Tawny will be sure to appeal. With its boozy Christmas cake like aromas - I could be describing Nanna there - in a good way I add, it's certainly rich and luscious.  

Layered, silken and velvety in its approach across the palate. It's a mix of dried fruit and nut, with hints of dark chocolate. Toffee is in the frame too. Sit Dad down in his favourite chair, some dark chocolate in hand, a glass of this and allow him to enjoy the moment. 93 

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