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I'm a wine drinker, and this blog is about wine, not just Australian wine.

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As bloggers/ reviewers/ critics come under greater scrutiny, I thought it worthwhile to document the standards I seek to adhere to.  Indebted to Paul Starr at biancorosso for a well thought out piece that acted as the catalyst for this. 

* See Sending Samples, or send me an eMail if you wish to do so.
* All samples are reviewed, but may not necessarily be published.
* Under no circumstances will samples be sold on, either retail or auction. 

* Please see 'Scores'  

* Supplying wineries are free to use a published review free of charge;
* Attribute the source of the review to 'The Vinsomniac' with a link to the relevant review;
* Retailers may also use reviews, attributed, for the purpose of promoting the same wine AND vintage. 

* The price stated is generally the Cellar Door price, or if the wine reviewed is one bought retail, it will be the 'shelf price'. 

How Are Wines Tasted
* Wines are typically tasted as seen, individually, with food and typically over a period of 2-3 days to provide an indication of cellarability.
* Occasionally wines are tasted in brackets, single or double-blind, and where this is done is noted on the relevant review.

Conflicts of Interest
* Reviews are undertaken independently.
* It is the nature of the wine industry that friendships/ relationships may be formed with with winemakers/ wineries, this will not have a bearing on wine reviews;
* Occasionally The Vinsomniac may attend regions, dinners, tastings as the guest of a winery or distributor - where this occurs, it will be clearly stated in any review or publication. 

* The Vinsomniac does not currently accept advertising, with the exception of that which google may place on the site via an adsense account.


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