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Friday 12 November 2010

Sirromet Seven Scenes Finito Rosso NV

Purchased on a visit to Sirromet's Mount Countain Cellar Door and Winery with in-laws. Whatever your views on Queensland's wine industry, Sirromet's CD is a worthy tourist destination. The grounds are well kept, the CD a pleasant environment and Lurleen's restaurant is an excellent dining proposition.

The wine is a tawny brown colour wine with a fairly bitter hint of black strap molasses on the nose. It wasn't great, slightly chilled it offers treacle on the palate.

According to the winery, it is "a rich and soft wine, is a rare combination from six vintages. The wine displays hints of oak as it is aged in oak for a year with the addition of fresh spirit on re-blending".

Well there you go. Sorry If I don't appear particularly enthused, it's because I wasn't. Questioning myself as to why I bought it.

Source: Cellar Door
Closure: Screwcap
Price: About $20 (375ml)


  1. You're not the first to buy a wine from a cellar door and then upon drinking it once home to have wondered what you were thinking! Easy to see only the positive in a wine when at a nice cellar door, particularly if the winemaker/staff are genuine and friendly.

  2. Cheers for the note on the Queensland wine Stu. I'm always looking for free, independent information on what's going on up there :)

    I've actually been on a bit of a mission to find a QLD wine in Adelaide lately, which admittedly, I've experienced no luck with.

    A few weeks ago I walked into Adelaide's best independent wine retailer and asked the manager if they sold any QLD wines; "what's a good QLD wine?" he asked me, whilst looking at me like I was some kind of idiot.

    "Something from the Granite Belt? I hear Robert Channon makes an interesting Reserve Verdelho?" The guy just shook his head and told me they sold nothing from Queensland.

    A shame, because I am interested to experience more of Queensland's wines, but I understand if you can't sell it, then why stock it?

    Chris P

  3. Hi Red,

    Cheers for popping by. Yes, I think on this occasion maybe the moment got to me! I picked up three wines on the day and this was the only duffer amongst them. As Mr Loaf said "two out of three ain't bad".



  4. Hi Chris

    Thanks for the comment. Some QLD wine and wineries are to be avoided like a barge pole. There are those who aim squarely aim at the tourist market with their themed CDs - and inappropriate themes at that.

    That aside, there's also some good wine out there: You've mentioned Robert Channon; also worth looking out for are Boireann - doing some very good things with 'Bordeaux' (or could that be WA?) blends; Golden Grove has got some good press recently from Halliday. Also worth looking up Ravenscroft, Pyramids Road. Verdelho seems to bea bit of a regional strength.

    I'm coming down to Adelaide in December for the 2nd test - shall I leave a bottle of something for you at East End Cellars?