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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Golden Grove Sparkling Vermentino SPV 2017

Not too many examples of Sparkling Vermentino that I can recount. This being GG's second stab at the style. Experimental, but also also from a business perspective ties up opportunity for some time given it is released as a two year old. 

Upon opening it's more the bread, brioche hints that one notices. Slowly, surely, it yields subtle pear - Williams if one wishes to talk variety.

The palate, crisp and measured, a minerality and liveliness dancing across the palate. Fruit aspects more prominent here, tugging along with somewhat generosity of length. The time on lees adding width, adding to the whole. 91 

Tasted on: Wednesday 10th July, a Root to Flower day
Source: Sample 
Price: $38
Alcohol: 12%
Closure: DIAM

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