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Monday 27 January 2014

Yangarra PF Shiraz 2013

This is a wine that will appeal to many, either on the basis of a natural-ish approach to production, the cost-conscious for it delivers very well at its price, or those who just appreciate a bloody good wine for what it offers.

Black fruits primarily (damson/mulberry if you wish me to be specific), that sit in front of a meaty core - think a little fresh salami - giving the wine a delightful sweet/ savoury combination from the off.

Medium bodied, on the palate it offers up much to please. A modicum of spice, a little skin tannin and plenty of juicy 'yes' factor. The thing about it really is balance, everything works in conjunction with each other, nothing dominating - and possesses winemaker Peter Fraser's calling card: it's just damn moreish.

Tasted on: Saturday 25th, a Flower Day
Source: Retail, Cru Cellars
Price: $22.50
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: Screwcap 

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Battle of Bosworth Puritan Shiraz 2013

Purely by chance I opened, tasted - then proceeded to fairly rapidly consume - two McLaren Vale Shiraz. Both, it could be argued, fall into a 'less is more' camp, pretty minimal handling and sheer enjoyment out of the glass.

This example from Battle of Bosworth duo Joch Bosworth and Louise Hemsley-Smith, is bright and vibrant in the glass. Exhibiting 'pastille' like aromas - read "youthful, vibrant and delicious" - with black fruit forming the central core. 

A suggestion of spritz - a little retained CO2 - provides additional mouthfeel, liveliness and vitality to the wine. Yet it finishes with a depth and intensity that seems somewhat at odds stylistically, a boon, testament to a good vintage and fruit. 90 

Tasted on: Thursday 23rd January, a Root to Flower Day
Source: Retail, Spiros Paddington
Price: $16
Alcohol: 14.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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Friday 10 January 2014

The Road to Mornington

Over the period 10-13th January  I'm hitting the road for a journey to Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. No junket - let's get that out of the way before any judgement around probity is passed - it's a great opportunity for me to explore a fascinating region. 

Fascinating for it produces some excellent wines from two grape varieties - Pinot Noir and Chardonnay - that themselves possess the ability to reflect terroir, in the case of Pinot Noir; or, as the case is with Chardonnay, act as a piece of putty in the hand of a winemaker, able to be sculpted and moulded only limited by the artist's skills and vision. 

The Peninsula is meant to be beautiful country, playground of Melbourne's rich, and surely to make wine here you have to have fairly deep pockets - for land prices would be impacted by proximity to Melbourne, along with the region's own increasing capital as a source of premium grape growing land.

I am very much looking forward to explo the region, meet the growers and producers and share in this experience with a few like minded souls.

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