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Saturday, 20 July 2019

Zonte's Footstep Z Force Shiraz Petite Sirah 2015

Released on Anzac Day, with a portion of proceeds from each sale going towards Legacy. Respect.

Deep and rich, smelling very much like its constituent components from its source. Petite Sirah also being known as Durif, and possessing an almost creosote like depth.

For that depth, it's initially light on its feet, red fruit and licorice bullets initially, before the onset of the fennel/anise depth - surely the Petit Sirah and oak support taking over. 

No slouch, it's a wine of depth, honouring the rich legacy of the multi-national commando force of which it takes its name. 92

Tasted on: Tuesday 21st May, a Leaf to Fruit day
Source: Sample
Price: $55
Alcohol: 14.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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