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Tuesday 1 February 2011

Quattro Mano Duende 2009

Beautiful label.  Reminds me of Portuguese tiling, a country where I spent many a summer as a youth.  Sadly I wasn't quite into wine in the manner which I am now, so I never got the opportunity to sample some of its vinous goodnesss.

The wine is a blend of what I would consider Iberian grapes: Touriga (37%), Tinta Amarela (22%), Tinta Cão (22%) and Cinsault (19%).  It is borne of the Barossa, but you wouldn't really know it.

The aroma has a slight plummy note that gives a hint of the medium bodied wine within.  The palate sees more of the same, good mixed fruit, it gave me the impression of a baked fruit pudding.  It really didn't strike me as Barossan at all.

The wine concludes with more of the same, it is just a really consistent fruit driven wine with a touch of spice in there somewhere, minimal, not borne of oak.

It isn't a complex wine that will blow you away, or a cerebral wine that will challenge, rather it is a fairly simple wine whose fruit driven charms are likely to delight.  For me, its good to see something like this coming out of the Barossa, an effective blend from some lesser known varietals.

Source: Retail, Spiros Toowong
Price: $22
Closure: Screwcap


  1. Quattro Mano Duende has to be about the coolest sounding wine around. The fact it drinks well from what you say is just a bonus!

  2. Hi Red, It sure is a jolly wine. Read Campbell Mattinson's review on the winefront and Jesse's over at Good Drop. They both call it out better than I. I particularly like Campbell's comparison to drinking a patterned silken scarf and Jesse identifies a play-doh aroma in their (which with hindsight I do agree with.

    It's good shit, if I may be so crude ;)