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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

2009 Tim Gramp Clare Valley Watervale Riesling

So as the Summer of Riesling draws to an end, this was my own nod to the celebration of The Wine That Everybody Loves, But Nobody Buys.

Aromas of lime sorbet, bath salts, a softer almost honeyed note - in short a Riesling. The palate delivers strong lime flavours, more of that honeyed note - almost a touch creamy - then some steely minerality. The finish is on a good dry length, there's acid but its not overtly acidic.

In summary, it's a good- not a great - Rizza that ticks all the right boxes. It's refreshing, has some interest on the palate and sufficient length to maintain that interest.

Source: Retail, Mayerling Cellars
Price: $8.25 ($99 per doz.)
Closure: Screwcap


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