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Wednesday 26 January 2011

Bodegas Palacio Glorioso Reserva Rioja 2005

One issue with having limited experience of a particular variety is that you are not really familiar with a stylistic interpretation.  That said, I can only call out a particular wine as I see it.

I picked this up as a nod to a good wine drinking buddy, The Wine Punter, who had recently had returned from a sojourn around North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula with a love for the Rioja.

This 100% Tempranillo Reserva opens to a dusty, earthy nose that is a little flat rather than the expectations of fullsome fruit that I had expected.  There was a little dark fruit present with a background shroud of oak.  On the palate, the dark fruit represents itself, along with a vein of oak that was wrapped up with some smoky/ charry notes.  It was delivered with a silken finish that was further expressed with some fine tannins and a resurrection of the gentle spice.

Look, it was OK.  It wasn't overwhelming me, frying my bacon, flicking my switch -you know?.  I had to look hard for some of these notes.  My over-riding opinion was that it was just a little 'flat'.

A duff bottle perhaps?  At $30 I'm not inclined to revisit.

Price: $29.95
Closure: Cork


  1. My bad Stu! I'm working my way through a few Aussie Tempranillos now, i'm really liking the variety. One to try is the Bidgeebong Tempranillo by Birks. I like the idea of an 'old world' wine made with 'new world' techniques which is what this wine claims to be. Either way I really enjoyed it. I bought some through winery2u for around $15/bottle. Good stuff.

  2. Punter! No culpability on your part at all. It just didn't do it for me. Whether my expectations were greater than the wine was ever intended to deliver, or whether was just a wrong 'un I don't know. I'm certainly going to look at more Aus interpretations of the style. Need to revisit Mr McNamara's Temp again.