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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Domaine Lucci Natural Red 2010

First up, apologies for the dodgy bottle image.  Yet I also think it resonates with the lo-fi nature of the wine.  Apparently one 500L barrel made, and done so entirely without the use of electrical equipment or machinery.

The aroma delivers a plummy, earthen brooding aroma.  It doesn't give much away to what lies within.  In the mouth its fresh, it tastes 'bright' on entry (if you can taste brightness) but then it yields to plummy, brambly notes that give hint of its Merlot origins.

To me it is that freshness that defines the wine for me.  More so than the decent lick of tannin that accompanies the finish. 

Tasted over two days, it lost some of its vitality on the second (as I would expect given it is free from additives and preservatives - that expectation may be wrong).  I would also suspect that Anton Van Klopper that the wine wasn't consumed in one sitting - read more about Mr Van Klopper's approach and views to winemaking at my good friend The Wine Punter's site.

Source: Retail, The Wine Emporium
Price: $20
Closure: Diam with Wax Seal

1 comment:

  1. Just bought a bottle of this from Wine Experience and was looking for some info on it, didn't realise you'd done a review, nice one! Really looking forward to trying it tonight. I love the fact it is a natural as can be.