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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Barolo Tasting at Il Centro, Brisbane

Way back when, when I had a gem of an idea to get together with some friends and drink some good booze and post them up on this site, one of the styles of wine I had in mind was Barolo.

Thanks to a bit of networking on the social networking site Twitter, and a bit of a cheeky self-invitational, I found myself at top-tier eatery Il Centro along with Jim McIlwain, Keira McIntosh and Lachlan McIntosh.  

Much respect and heartfelt thanks must go to Il Centro Sommelier Shawn Gomes for his hospitality and sharing this experience with us.

Vinea Marson 2007
Sour cherrys, soft palate, yielding to mouth coating tannin (which Barolo doesn't?)

Patrizi Barolo 2006
Earthy, farmyard characteristics on the nose. Sour earthen characteristics with typical mouth coating tannin.

Sansilvestro Barbaresco 2007
From a warmer year. Typically more approachable younger. Fennel, aniseed aroma. Brackish appearance.

Fontanablanca Langhe Nebbiolo 2008
Cherry aromas, flatter mid palate and less tannin present than previous styles.

Cordero Monfalleto & Enrico VI
The standout here was the Enrico VI which Twoglasstaste called out as "a symphony with three movements".

1 comment:

  1. Love the Vinea Marson neb Stu. I've recently become a convert to their Syrah as well, which has much the same 'New World meets Old' style and is utterly delicious. Both are some of the most brilliantly progressive wines in Australia in my view, and generously priced too.

    Chris P