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Sunday 2 January 2011

Poonawatta Estate "The Eden" Eden Valley Riesling 2009

Happy New Year all.....I first tasted this back at a Purple Palate event in November.  For me it was the standout wine of the night, some claim given that this was an event focussing solely on wines from the Barossa region - a region I have a real fondness for be the produce red, white or edible.

The viticulture is interesting, being a single vineyard of approximately five acres, hand planted, the first vines were planted in 1972, with planting completed in 1978.  It is an elevated site, providing a slightly cooler environment.  Its is at an elevation of 1394 feet / 425 metres, one of the higher vineyards in the region.  Generally speaking for every 100 feet increase in altitude, a 0.6 degree celsius drop in temperature occurs - making this a cool region. According to the winery 'site, the vineyard sits on "shallow sandy loam on gravel subsoil over schist bedrock, providing a well drained and moderately stressful growing environment".

The wine itself offers aromas of lemon, a slight waxiness along with an edgier minerality.  The palate is a gentle mix of citrus: lime cordial and lemon sherbet.  Altogether there is a balanced acidity to it.  The finish isn't lengthy, the acid gentle.  Again there is more of the minerality present in the form of a slight flinty edge.  Whilst I mention the minerality here, I consider this a 'softer' wine than other Eden Valley Rieslings - mainly due to gentler acid on the finish.    

Altogether a very interesting wine, very well made.  Offers immediate pleasure now and possible improvement with short term cellaring, maybe 5 years at most.

Source: Retail, Purple Palate
Price: $27
Closure: Screwcap

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  1. Bought a few bottles of this when in the Eden Valley a bit over a year ago. Had similar impressions at the time and definitely a Riesling I enjoyed.

  2. Hi Red, Yes a good Riesling this. I picked up a six and would like to try and look at one each over the nexy five years - patience permitting!