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Wednesday 5 January 2011

Union Bank Bon Vivant Rosé 2009

Very little information available on this wine.  It was received as a sample for the Rosé Wine Revolution and appears is custom made for Orange food and wine hub, Union Bank.  An email enquiry to them has yielded little in the way of a response, so I'll post this up anyway.

Salmon red in colour, nothing out of the ordinary compared to other Rosés I have looked at.  On the nose, immediate hints of strawberry leading me to think Pinot Noir is a prime component in terms of its winemaking.

I tried this over two days, initially it was showing good balance in the mid palate leading to a crisp finish.  However on the second day, there was more of a pronounced confected strawberry and the palate was a real fruit salad mix.  On that second showing it did take me back to my youth and the fruit salad I mentioned earlier was more akin to the Fruit Salad confectionery of my youth - penny chews we used to call them. 

All up a simple easy going wine.  Perfect chilled down, barbecue on and accompanying a range of food.  Good living indeed.

Source: Sample
Price: $18
Closure: Screwcap 


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