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Wednesday 19 January 2011

Allies 2009 Stone Axe Vineyard Heathcote Shiraz

After a number of years working on the restaurant scene, Barney Flanders (front of house) and David Chapman (in the kitchen) came together to turn their thoughts to wine.  Study at CSU for Barney, vintage experience across the Mornington, Yarra and overseas, and the collaborative effort yields Allies.  The pair own no vineyards, instead purchasing through lease arrangements.

This wine is from Allies' lower tier offering, they also make top end releases under the Garagiste label.

The Stone Axe opens with an expressive bouquet of fruits, blackberry and plum are significant.  The palate sees a reinforcement of that fruit, it's quite a concentrated full fruit flavour that leads to the finish where a lick of licorice, more akin to the cough candy sweets my mother used to keep in her coat pocket, trails off to its conclusion. 

Source: Retail, Spiros Toowong
Price: $23.99
Closure: Screwcap
Website: (as at 19/01/2011 under construction)


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