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Friday 31 December 2010

Cabernet Merlot by Brad 2008

Perception can be a dangerous thing.  I have this image of "Brad" (based purely on his twitter stream) as a cool, surf riding dude who, whilst often falling foul of his partner Becky, manages to knock out some top notch well packaged wines in his spare time.  When he is not seeing off Great White Sharks at the local beach that is.

I really like wines like this.  Very good easy drinking.  The nose speaks to me more of the Merlot side of things: plummy, mulberry, jammy Merlot notes with a hint of tobacco.  The palate a medium bodied mix of blackcurrant and chocolate.  

It's a perfect segue to a slightly dusty finish; cedar, spice and fine dry tannins that speak of the Cabernet part of the deal.  Not excessively lengthy, but good get-around-a-table drinking.

Source: Gift
Price: $18ish
Closure: Screwcap


  1. I haven't met him IRL yet either, but I'd be willing to be that's exactly what he's like :)

  2. Hey Jesse,

    Thanks for swinging by...yeh as I say perception is a dangerous thing. But maybe this is all part of the "brand" being created.

    One thing I forgot to mention about Brad is his prety good taste in music. Quite often I've seen a mention about a particular band/ album and have felt the urge to get in on that action.