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Monday 17 January 2011

Moppity Vineyards Lock & Key Shiraz 2009

One of my early goals with respect to setting up this blog was to establish what my thing 'is' in relation to the wine I drink.  I so often feel like a kid in a candy store when I go into a wine store: there's so much on offer, so many things I want to try.

This blog is an attempt to try and make sense of some of that.  To refine my palate, and define my preferences.

I've read somewhere that owner/ winemaker Jason Brown describes the style of Shiraz he's trying to make as "Barossa meets the Grampians"; and indeed commented on my write-up of the 2008 that "For me, Hilltops shiraz is a hybrid of Barossa and Grampians. The '08 leans towards Barossa with some really nice richness while the '09 moves closer to Grampians/Great Western".  I can see where Jason is coming from having looked at both wines now.

The wine leads with quite meaty and peppery aromas.  However it is on the palate that makes this wine stand out.  It has quite a meaty entry, some adjectives will not do it justice, there's a hint of brambly fruit, but...more than that it has an expressiveness in the mouth that belies its price.  I detected a bit of dark chocolate on the back palate, but it was more about the the fullness, the power and structure for me.

The finish sees the conclusion of a consistent core of spice that runs throughout and the delivery of some moderate/ fine tannins that give a pleasant coating to the mouth.

In summary, this is an exquisite wine.  Ignore the price, this wine would deliver at something double that.  Instead see this wine for the quality within.  One recommendation, give it some time in the decanter, or at the least give it a double decant.

Oh, and the relevance of the opening paragraph?  It is this style of wine that is "doing it for me" at the present.

Source: Retail
Price: $15 (online price)
Closure: Screwcap

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