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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Vinteloper Wines 2010 McLaren Vale Rosé

I've had the good fortune to meet winemaker David Bowley and to try a number of wines from his portfolio.  I have disclose that I am a fan of his work. 

What most impresses me is David's passion in letting the fruit shine through in his wines.  As David states on his website: "all wines are made with minimal intervention and primitive techniques to allow texture & unique expression".

A good barometer for any wine's quality in my household is my wife.  Whilst I'm the one who tries to analyse a wine and makes attempts to express how I find it, my wife pays a wine the ultimate compliment in emptying her glass quickly and refilling it.  She paid this wine that compliment.

This wine is made form 96% Shiraz with 2% of Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Grenache added.  Other technical specs are 7-10 g/L residual sugar, with pH at 3.25 and a total acidity (TA) of 6.6.  A fairly balanced, not overtly sweet wine.

The wine itself offers an gentle aromas of berry fruit: strawberry and cranberry for me.  However it is on the palate that the wine shone through.  On entry, some immediate savoury notes with a slight creamy mouthfeel.  I felt the wine was fullest at the fore of the palate; more of that cranberry dryness present.  There was some length, with a dry finish and a gentle touch of what I would consider spice - possibly white pepper.

Overall a good balanced wine.  Not sweet, nor excessively dry.  A good wine in harmony with itself.

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Price: $21 per bottle from website


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