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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

2010 Swinging Bridge Rosé

Swinging Bridge Vineyard was first planted in 1995, with initial plantings of Shiraz and Chardonnay. Located to the South of Canonwindra (which I've learned is pronounced Canoundra) in the Central Ranges of NSW. This wine came to me via David Cumming at Define Wine.

Whilst the Rosé Wine Revolution was about the pale dry style, the colour of a number of Rosés caused a fair bit of debate, with some fairly forthright views held as to whether colour actually mattered. For me, I think not. A wine's colour would not necessarily lead me to a purchase decision or otherwise. That said, the Rosé Wine Revolution was intended to champion the paler style, but it would appear that a number of 'brighter' styles were up for consideration.

To this wine, a Rosé more on the reddish spectrum, appearing vibrant in the glass. Its nose offers definite hints of strawberry - but then I am sure that most Rosés have a hint of strawberry on the nose.

This particular wine is made, predominantly from Cabernet Sauvignon, with a touch of Merlot. This contributes to a good crisp finish on the palate. The thing I am most surprised about is that on second tasting, this wine wasn't as sweet as I first remembered. It is the second tasting from which I am drawing these notes.

I think this goes to show how environmental factors can alter the properties of a wine quite significantly.  Admittedly when I first tried it, I was a little under the weather. It was tried alongside a number of other wines and accompanied with some home made pizzas - quite possibly the ingredients on the pizzas accentuating some sweetness on the palate.

So, in summary, the wine offers a good gentle aroma which, in the mouth, manifests itself as a gentle crisp Rosé with some length there. It doesn't dominate the palate and would lend itself as a great accompaniment to a light summer meal or the great Aussie BBQ.

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