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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Dutschke Gods Hill Road Four Vineyards 2005 Shiraz

Suffice to say I'd never really known what "funkiness" was in wines, or more specifically what a writer was referring to when it was referenced in a tasting note.

On Christmas Day my wife and I cracked a Witches Falls 2006 Syrah (see previous post) and the immediate aroma was of sulphur.  The following day, Boxing Day, I opened this wine and experienced the same thing.  Through further research I found a useful website which offered some background on understanding how the "funky" aroma can present itself.  Useful reading indeed for me as a wine student.

Once I'd decanted this wine and given it a good 20-30 minutes, it settled down.  Vanilla on immediate entry followed by some warmth/ spice.  In the mouth, smooth and plummy; the finish all spice and fruit coming through.

Source: Retail, Purple Palate
Price: $?
Closure: Screwcap


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