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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Teusner Salsa Rosé 2009

"Spicy, seductive and alluring..." leads the intro on the back of the bottle.  I probably need not write any more of this offering from Teusner in the Barossa Valley.

Teusner are a winery that have really engaged social media, to the point where their daily weather briefing is eagerly anticipated by fellow members of the Barossa Valley wine community and punters alike.  From a personal perspective, I feel such a sense of attachment to the Teusner that I would eagerly seek out any new release of theirs.  It helps that the guys are consistently on the money with their releases from within an impressive portfolio.

This Rosé is predominantly crafted from Mataro and Grenache, two staples of the Teusner stable.  The aroma is a perfect lead in: soft and delicate.  In the mouth, there's a hint of creaminess that morphs into a touch of spice toward the back palate.  Its an interesting balance, there's some sweetness but you wouldn't say it is sweet.  It is the finish that wins; savoury, spicy - it will be excellent with food and it is most likely to accompany a touch of Avocado salsa tonight, its flavours dancing their way across my palate.

Source: Sample
Price: $18
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