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Friday, 31 December 2010

Karra Yerta Eden Valley Riesling 2006

A wine tasting fail.

Before I explain myself, I must say that this is nigh the perfect Australian Riesling: a greenish hue to a core of gold.

Now, I opened this one night and just shared a glass with the good lady, taking some new Riedels she had gifted me for a spin.  I didn't take any notes, thinking I would revisit the following day.

However, on revisiting the following lunch time, I found that it had lost a little of its edge on the palate.  Thus this note is a combination of memory and the notes I took on day 2.

The aroma is typical varietal lime. delicate apple blossom juxtaposed against a harder crunchy edge.  Entry, as I remember it, showed more of that steely crunch and some granny smith apple.  The finish was a good lengthy acid.  The aroma stayed with the wine over the two days, the palate showing a little more apple and a little citrus edge.  It was really the finish and back palate that had lost it for me.  

I'm disappointed, really with myself, as this was a brilliant wine the first night.  In retrospect, that is what matters I imagine - the fact that I had shared a god wine with a loved one.

One for now I would say rather than lengthy cellaring.

Source: Cellar Door at Collective Barossa
Price: $25
Closure: Screwcap


  1. May I suggest that you open a second bottle in a few weeks and have another look.

    The 05, 07, 08, 09 and 10 vintages were made slightly differently (and with different winemakers - Tim Smith in 05, and Peter Gajewski (ex-Penfolds) for the remainder) to the 06. No doubt at all that the others will be at their peak after cellaring for some years. The 05 is testament to that, and Philip White put 30 years (cellaring) on our 2010.

    I prefer rieslings that are ten years old at least, myself. Glad you enjoyed it but sorry it seemed to have lost its gloss on the second day. I think I may crack one myself tonight to see how it is travelling:)


  2. Marie, totally my fault. It was beautiful the first day. Some wines hang around, others are less patient. A bit like me - I wish I had the money and patience to cellar Rizzas for a minimum of ten years....alas my pocket and thirst don't allow that!

    I will certainly pick some more up of the '06 to enjoy and will try and keep my hands off of the remainder of the vertical I got from you.



  3. Thanks for that, Stuart, I do know what you mean. Our 2010 for example, under the Wine Shields, is still wonderful after four days of being opened. Wine is a funny thing:)

    The best thing probably, would have been to have bought two verticals - that way you can drink one lot to get a feel for the wines, individually, and then put the other one away for at least five years. I'm holding a minimal amount of them 'back' so will put your name on it and in five year's time, if you still want it, it's yours:)

    In the meantime, have a great New Year's Eve and all the best for 2011:)