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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ashton Hills Vineyard 2008 Pinot Noir Estate

I had the privilege of participating in what I termed a "Cultural Exchange" with Chris Plummer of the Australian Wine Journal.  Chris had commented on one of my previous posts, for a rather unmemorable wine, that he had been yearning to try some Queensland for a while now.  My end of the deal a Robert Channon Verdelho, in return I receive this.  Chris wins.

First up, I tasted this far too young, but like a small child, when you are gifted something so exciting, you want to open it.  Initially it was very closed wine and only really opened up after an hour or two in the decanter, but it really settled down on Day 2.

Aromas of dark cherry and some meats lead to a gentle spice on the palate.  Over time, as the wine opened up, it also presented earthy, meaty, savoury notes that had me earning for some charcuterie.  Initially, the finish presented some Kalamata Olive, but this soon made way for more of that gentle spice - possibly a sign from some good quality oak treatment.

This is, without doubt, a well crafted wine.  A premier example of Australian Pinot - this example even winning "Best Pinot Noir' at the Australian Cool Climate Wine Show.  I'm certain drinking now didn't do it justice.  This is #aplus booze, and winemaker Stephen George a master craftsman.

Source: Gift
Price: $40
Closure: Screwcap

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it Stu. Not sure I win though - I was searching for Queensland wine, you were interested in trying more Adelaide Hills pinot noir - win/wine really!

    Definitely agree it's at the meatier end of Adelaide Hills pinot noir as well by the way, and that it only shows its true colours with extended aeration. Nice note :) Stephen certainly understands the intricacy of Adelaide Hills pinot better than most.

    Loved taking part in the 'Cultural Exchange' too mate.

    Big cheers,
    Chris P