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Monday 21 November 2011

Barossa Muster 'M' Mataro 2007

The winery weren't initially sure what to call the wine, opting for 'M' as its name and consequently using each of Mataro, Monastrell and Mourvèdre on the label.

Damp earth, kirsch, a hint of cassis.  Smooth, rounded, plump pillow feel in the mouth; fruit in the body set against the inherent richness of the Mataro.  Beyond the plush mouthfeel, some hazelnutty chocolate.  Lacks a little breadth and depth on the palate  - but this can be overlooked given its inherent drinkability.  

Finish shows spice, there's a touch of heat - '07 was a scorcher - but it soon dissipates, this sun lover able to handle it.  Spice resumes normal duties, rounding out in the mouth.  Not a linear length per se, but certainly persistent of finish.  Fine tannin seeing you home.

Source: Retail, Cru Bar
Price: $27
Alcohol: 14%
Closure: Screwcap

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  1. At 27 notes it sounds like fair value which should be drunk in appropriate situations.

    Have you tried Hewitson's Old Garden?

  2. Hi Greg, cheers for the comment. I've an '02 Old Garden next on the Mataro hit list. Appropriately there's an online wine room that is an initiative of the Barossa region and its next episode, on Thursday, is focussing on old vine wines. I reckon at 150ish years of age the Old Garden qualifies!

  3. I have kicked around the old garden vines with Dean Hewitson himself and it's pretty damn special.

    I was lucky enough to do a comparison between the Baby Bush (grown from Old Garden cuttings) and the Old Garden itself.

    It's all good stuff.