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Monday, 12 February 2018

Terre à Terre Summertown Vineyard Reserve Pinot Noir 2016

I struggled with this, for me it was not a "for now" release, and that was borne out by my thoughts. For the record,  impressions here are over time, with the score (FWIW) an aggregate of how I saw the wine over time.

You cannot escape the exotic perfume of the exquisite French oak on display here, gently wafting its Vanillin ways out of the girls. It's the sweet too accent over a savoury edge, sour cherry in the mix too. Cherry bake well meets savoury, stem derived, aromatics.  

But initially there was 's something amiss on the palate, a harder - and bitter - manifestation as compared to that aromatic introduction. It's almost metallic, quite blunt. 

Given this is 24hrs on, the fruit is still eminently present, cool cherry - a hint of cranberry - calm red fruit. Savoury elements linger nonetheless. Tannin seems almost an afterthought, fine, the barest rasp. There's a suggestion of herbal, back palate bitterness. Cool, calm, collected. 90+ 

Tasted on: Wednesday 7th June, a Flower to Leaf day
Source: Sample
Price: $40
Alcohol: 13.9%
Closure: Screwcap

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