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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Rusden The Chookshed Zinfandel 2015

I've long been a fan of Rusden's wines, personally and on these pages. Something didn't quite gel with the current releases. I paired this Zin with with Jamie Oliver's sausage pasta bake - totally overpowered the dish (recipe here if that way inclined: 

Oak totally dominates the wine, suppressing the aromatics - and Zin can be so beautifully aromatic, florally and perfumed. Except here. 

But as so often with Rusden wines, the palate can so often belie that 'size'; I'm not suggesting the wine here is anything but full throttle, the oak is clearly evident on the palate. Glimpses of those purple fruits and florals are trying their best to burst through that shroud, but on this occasion oak wins out. There's no escape from the finish either. It really needs time, or at least a double decant. 88+

After +2hrs and a dirty double decant:
There's more peeking from behind that oak shroud, think fruit cake and aniseed twists, hints of cedar and violet florals. 

It's certainly not for the feint hearted. The palate has softened with a little air, sweeter spiced hints are making themselves known and it starts to resemble the Rusden wines I've come to know. Understand that + sign. 

Tasted on: Thursday 25th, a Fruit to Root day 
Source: Sample
Price: $49
Alcohol: 15.4%
Closure: Cork

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