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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Mitchell Harris Sabre 2013

A fine release of this sparkling from the Pyrenees in Victoria. A mere 5g/l dosage (dry) and spending some 40 months on lees.

Opens with aromas of quince and baked apple. The palate is really where the magic happens.

Carries a finesse, a genetic mineral rasp that tickles across the palate, citrus and perhaps some frangipani. Lovely tension between the acid, remnants of fruit and yeast derived complexity. 

The finish draws long across the palate, the minerality and effervescence of the wine a constant companion. A fine release indeed. 94 

Tasted on: Saturday 22nd July, a Flower day
Source: Sample
Price: $42
Alcohol: 12%
Closure: DIAM

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