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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Willow Bridge Estate Solana Rosé 2014

"Got any salmon? -- sorted
Ya ha ha ha ha"
~ The Shamen, Ebeneezer Goode

An attractive individual, has that russet-salmon thing going on, creates a powerful allure. I was actually hankering for a beer, one of those rare apparent temps around the high-30s in Brisbane, this proved a more than adequate substitute.

Summer fruit salad of raspberry, cranberry and a touch of citrus - latterly discovered that there's a smidge over 10% of Semillon in here - with a light dusting of spice. An underlying hint of straw/ dried grass - taking me back to long, hot Iberian summers.

It's tangy and spicy with a gentle phenolic wash of texture. Savoury, but not bone dry, although it's close enough. Wonderful aide de refreshment. 89

Tasted on: Thursday 11th December, Leaf
Source: Sample
Price: $25
Alcohol: 13.4%
Closure: Screwcap

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