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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Wild Duck Creek Springflat Shiraz 2004

Back in the days when Australia was the darling of Bob "The Nose" Parker, a run of spectacular reviews delivered Wild Duck Creek into the minds of those who hung on his Bobness' every word.

Read Campbell Mattinson's excellent "Why the French Hate Us" for more on that period and on the Estate itself.

For a wine at ten years old, still shows some degree of fruit character on the nose, largely black fruit, ripe and forward. There's creamy, residual notes of American oak - it spent 19 months in 45% new American and French.

It's full bodied, high octane, black fruited sweetness; slick, full and slippery glycerol with hints of licorice and pepper.

There's length, more like burn from the alcohol, as opposed to a glorious tail from better wines. Did I tackle it too early? Or as the fruit has faded, does the wine have very little else to offer? 89

Tasted on: Thursday 25th October, a Root day
Source: Personal Cellar
Price: $77.99
Alcohol: 15%
Closure: Cork

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1 comment:

  1. I'm afraid this style is just too much for me to handle these days. Maybe a glass every now and again to reminisce but otherwise just too hard. I wonder whether the craft beer industry will ever come out the other side of their current high alcohol trajectory too? Had an IPA the other day which knocked me about a bit - 8.5% - I must look at the labels a little more closely.