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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Raidis Estate - New Releases - Tasting Notes

Steve Raidis, principal/winemakerof Coonawarra's Raidis Estate was in town recently on some trade visits. I took the opportunity to catch up with Steve, along with a few like minded souls to take a look at some new and current recent release wines over a spot of dinner*

Steve, first generation Aussie, along with wife Emma and parents Chris and Fran own and operate Raidis Estate, self-titled 'new kids' in Coonawarra. 

Chris Raidis migrated to South Australia age 3. Growing up in and working he vineyards of Coonawarra. They opened Penola Strawberry Farm and their own taverna, the Greek Charcoal Grill. Dreaming of owning vineayrds, they were eventually persuaded to rip out the strawberries where they planted Cabernet Sauvignon in the famous terra rossa soils.

2013 'The Kid' Riesling
Fruit drawn from Southern Coonawarra, cooler and greater influence from the coast,

Attractive - apple blossom, faint tropicals: paw paw, lime. Mineral, harder edge; slightly gin and tonic mineral feel to it. Decent length. 89 $20 12.5%

2014 'The Kelpie' Sauvignon Blanc 
Spends a little time on skins, giving the wine little bit of 'bronzing ball' blush colour to it. Florals, crushed candies, musk and a little fleshy melon. Textural nuances - that word again,fleshy - mineral and acid. Nice little phenolic edge. Enjoyed this. 90/91 $20 12%

2014 'Cheeky Goat' Pinot Gris 
Spends four days on skins, deeper colour - almost bronzed and veering to onion skin. The only Gris grown in Coonawarra (not sure what that says).
Varietal: poached pear, apple, spice - good allure from the off with this one. Sees more spice, peach/stonefruit. Textural too - the time on skins giving that little edge to it too. 92 $20 13.6%

2013 'Wild Goat' Shiraz
I first tasted the 2012 at 'Game of Rhones' mid-late last year. In its youth then, as were the vines, but the class and quality were obvious. Roll on one year and it's no different, proving it no fluke. Floral, pretty - crushed berries and florals; youthful, vanilla/residual oak. Sees berries, spice on the palate; incredible smooth, oak here again, gives a bit of tannin too. Depth, chocolatey, cassis on the finish. An absolute pleasure from start to finish. 92 $28

2012 'Billy' Cabernet Sauvignon
Made from the vines planted on the original Raidis property, where those strawberries once resided on the famous Terra Rossa. Lovely complex nose here, with tobacco leading over that regional Eucalypt. Earth, pencil shavings and black berries. Nicely structured. 92/93 $28

Tasted on: Thursday 29th January, a Root day
Source: Private Tasting

* For the avoidance of doubt, the wines were supplied by Raidis Estate and attendees paid their own way with respect to the food we shared in great company.

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