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Wednesday 8 April 2020

Out of Step Wine Co Malakoff Vineyard Nebbiolo 2018

A maelstrom of red berries at its core, sitting prime and centre, imbued with a savoury edge. Epitomising the competing juxtapositions of this wine, indeed it pours with the slightly brickish edge Nebb can have, yet in glass it's bright and vibrant. 

Complexity could be the watch word for sure, the fruit yielding to toasted nuts, roasted pan juices and dark. Chocolate. The palate continues that approach, savoury and yet with a wicked line of juicy acidity that energetically propels the wine - seemingly perpetually. 

Deliciously complex, simply moreish, quite compelling. 94 

Tasted on: Wednesday 12th February 
Source: Sample
Price: $35
Alcohol: 14%
Closure: Screwap

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