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Monday 23 October 2017

Rock of Wisdom Superfly Grenache Mataro 2017

"To be Superfly is to be overtly confident and that's the drive behind this wine. We couldn't wait and we didn't want you to either."

Superfly is Pete (Rock) and Sof's (Wisdom) playful side to their main Rock of Wisdom label. The Mrs could be in for a treat with this one I tell ya, for "This is a wine for making love with the lights on". Sorry. Couldn't resist.

An 80/20 blend of Grenache and Mataro co-fermented. It's great to see a red released at 9-10 months old and the new (but old) vogue for a Barossan red to weigh in at a stated 13.5% alcohol.

It smells fresh and primary, playful. Red fruits in abundance with something a little more savoury lurking just underneath (that would be the Mataro, it's a bit like that). The palate is a joy to behold too. Slurpy, juicy and with the lightest of touches.

There's something like a little nimble crunch through the middle, a perky spiciness too. Put that lot together and i reckon the bottle will be gone before I get a chance to get into the bedroom. A session in the lounge perhaps? A bloody steal at $20. I'm in. 91

Tasted on: Saturday 21st October
Price: $20
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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