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Wednesday 25 October 2017

Spinifex Luxe Rosé 2017

Exceptional Rosé here a blend of Mataro (51%), Grenache (38%) and Cinsault (11%).

Winemaker Peter Schell explains, "Luxe is selected from only those (rosé) parcels that have particular aromatic and textural complexity - we are drawn to sections that display what we call secondary fruit - fresh and dried flowers, herbs, spice, minerality, white and green tea-like aromatics - rather than primary fruit - fresh berry fruits etc." It is, therefore, little surprise that the wine is rich in savoury Mataro fruit.

This is a wine that invites on colour alone, that it delivers in spades is testament to its quality. Produced only in exceptional years, this 2017 instance opens with aromas that seem to shift between cassis, pomegranate, with provencal herbs. 

The palate is lean and long. Suggestion of citrus peel, white pepper, coriander seed even. It's complex, yet beautifully poised and balanced, a testament to the terroir and winemaker's hand. 

It's a wine of delicate, almost unyielding, length - of the savoury, of dried herb (had me thinking of oregano and thyme). More please. 94  

Tasted on: Thursday 12th October, a Flower day

Source: Retail
Price: $30
Alcohol: 13%
Closure: Screwcap

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