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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Delinquente Wine Co. Weeping Juan Pet' Nat' 2017

Not sure who Juan is in the context of this wine, but i'd suggest there's no need for the waterworks.

Scant detail on the actual composition of this pretty number from the Riverland's Delinquente Wine Co. I'd hazard that there's perhaps at least a splash of Nero d'Avola or such in the mix - though I'd perhaps also suggest that actual composition is of scant relevance once you clap your laughing gear around its charms.

Pours a blush pink in the glass, the petillence evident from the off. A slight turbidity too. A little muskiness, macerated strawberry and raspberry. Joyous.

Fine on entry with a rambunctious minerality that bolsters credentials through the middle. Feels quite rounded, sitting nicely in the mouth, yet a tickle of bubbles cascades across the palate. The fruit not afraid to make itself known across the final third. Good drinking. 90

Tasted on: Sunday 22nd October
Source: Retail, Camp Hill Cellars
Price: $25
Closure: Crown Seal

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