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Monday, 26 June 2017

Alkimi Good Earth Syrah 2015

Off the Warramunda Vineyard in the Yarra Valley's Coldstream sub-district. The terroir evident through judicious use of whole bunch. An approach that initially comes to characterise this wine. 

Time and perhaps air soften that herbal, sapid note. That's not to say the savoury eludes entirely, cola notes, caramelised root, along with a peppery top note. Carries a fair weight, an almost sinewy, chewy, substantive presence.

Yet, for all that, it seems light and airy through the mid. Not without fruit: blackcurrant, mulberry, with a soft weave of powdery tannin. Loved it. 91 

Tasted on: Wednesday 17th May, a Root day
Source: Sample
Price: $32
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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