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Saturday 24 August 2013

Torzi Matthews Frost Dodger Shiraz 2012

This wine marks the tenth successive vintage of this remarkable wine for Dom Torzi and Tracey Matthews. Remarkable for, as its name suggests, it grows with the threat of frosts present at a time when the vines are at their most tender, remarkable for it is made in the 'appassimento' style, remarkable for the affect it had on me.

Immediately it smells concentrated, rich and ripe fruit - the appassimento technique sees the fruit dried on racks to concentrate the sugars and flavours - yet, it's not about the fruit. Whilst it exhibits a whole gamut of aromas, it is when you take it into your mouth that you might begin to understand how remarkable it is.

Rich and concentrated here. It shows licorice, pepper and even a touch of raisin. In many respects I found it a wine of contradiction: of power, yet also of finesse. It's a wine to sip and savour - behold its texture: nigh 'gossamer' like, velvety, fine tannin. 

As a wine, it had a real personal impact on me. As stated, it is one to savour, but also the texture and feel of the wine somewhat render the range of flavours associated with the wine null and void. Sure they contribute to the wine, but for me take second stage to its feel. I stand appreciative, lauding it. 95 - Outstanding

Tasted on: Monday 19th August, a Root Day
Source: Sample
Price: $35
Alcohol: 14.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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