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Monday 26 August 2013

Matison Estate 'The Kirk' Pinot Noir 2010

Simon Curkovic is one of a number of Sommeliers who's turned his hand to making wine, formerly plying his trade at Catalina Rose Bay, former Gourmet Traveller Sommelier of the Year.

Fruit for this wine is drawn from a well regarded vineyard - the Forest Edge Vineyard - that must rank as one of the highest in Australia, perched high on the slopes of Mount Canobalas at 1040m.

Savoury aromatics, light and pretty she's not, take a stroll through an evergreen woodland, undergrowth, kicking your feet through the leafy matter. Stop, take in the aroma, a little resinous note and a touch of mushroom - can you smell it? Dark, earthen, wet stone - petrichor they say.

Light bodied, yet has a hint of darkness, a charcuterie edge. Spicy, touch spirited, weighs in at 14.5%, features heavily but doesn't dominate. Winds up with a little dark plum, silken - winding its way around the back palate, a fine silken cravat. 92 - Very Good

Tasted on: Sunday 18th August, a Fruit Day
Source: Sample
Price: $30
Alcohol: 14.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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  1. This is a seriously average wine. Seriously ..... don't waste your money. A try hard wine from a try hard wine maker.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have chosen to publish it as I don't tend to censor.

      However, I would prefer that such an opinion is backed up with a named source, or at least a reference to a written 'critique' - the last sentence does make it sound rather personal.