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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pattes Loup Chablis 2009

This is how I expect French organic growers and wine-producers to look.  Especially ones that oversee a label called Pattes Loup (Wolf's Paw).

It was on the basis of this gentleman's photo that I wanted to buy the wine - that it was talked up by the retailer added to the requirement to buy.

Farmed organically, hand picked and fermented in stainless steel and 700 litre concrete eggs.  It is this that gives the wine the incredible texture and richness on the palate.  On approach the wine offers a hint of cashew nuttiness, a suggestion of rich buttery pastry, but it's on the palate where it abounds with citrus.  In the mouth it feels dense and loaded, it is not over-bearing. 

The 2nd phase palate loads up on acid - in a soaring movement - electrifying and enlivening the mouth.  The finish shows some clean mineral layers leaving the mouth with a fantastic record of what had come before.

If you have the opportunity to try this wine, do so.  In fact - get your credit card and place an order with Eurocentric Wines.  Those in the know reckon that Thomas Pico's reputation is on a deservedly upward trajectory and future wine prices are likely to follow suit.

Source: Retail, The Wine Emporium
Price: $39.95 RRP
Alcohol: ?
Closure: Cork, wax sealed

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