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Monday 17 October 2011

The Colonial Estate Emissaire Reserve Riesling 2008

This is good shit.

A little backstory: The Colonial Estate had/has holdings across Australia, the US and in Bordeaux.  Despite some good reviews (this received 95 points from Lord Halliday of the Wine Companion) the general consensus was that high RRPs on the wines for new entrants was a little ambitious - this fellow was $33 on 1st release.  

Consequently they were then offered through Get Wines Direct at significantly lower prices.  From memory the GWD advertisement stated the winery was in liquidation, yet the website remain fully functional. 

To the wine itself.  Careful handling, hand picking and sorting, cool transportation from the Eden Valley to the winery operations in the Barossa Valley.  At 3 years it still shows youth and vibrancy.  Lime marmalade, a touch of custard apple.  The palate introduces minerally lemon acid that races through the mouth: pulsing, thrusting, cutting, probing - wave after relentless wave through the roof of the mouth. 

It is this that makes it for me.  And once that is all done, it fades to a gentle finish...gliding to a halt.  You'd figure this will go another 10-15 years.Source: Get Wines Direct

Price: $33 RRP 
Alcohol: 11.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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