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Sunday 6 March 2011

Witches Falls Classic Tawny

I've already written at fair length about my visit to the Witches Falls cellar door.  It seems funny to think back to that weekend now, for it was the weekend immediately prior to the Brisbane floods.  It seemed like it hadn't stopped raining for months, we were worried about access to the cellar door for I know that some roads in the local area have a tendency to ford with large volumes of rain.

So to the wine itself, it was consumed as part of my OTBN dinner -  as the liquid accompaniment to a cheese course.

It exhibits aromas of candid orange peel and black cherry.  In the mouth it is rather smooth, offering chocolate coated berries, chai latte and some porty raisiny notes.  The finish is spicy, more of that Chai/ cinnamon, and it has a fair reach to it.

Yet another reason to get yourself to Witches Falls Cellar Door.

Source: Cellar Door
Price: $28 ($23 Members)
Alcohol: 18%
Closure: Cork Stopper


  1. Have you tasted any other Fortifieds from Granite Belt?

  2. I tastes a fortified from a Winery called Rumbalara ( - indeed IIRC I bought a bottle but didn't realy give it too much critical thought.

    Looking to get back up to the GB over Easter, like you I'm keen to look at some of the less standard varietals (see the Granite Belt's Strange Bird initiative).