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Monday 14 March 2011


So the #BYOFaves crew got together again on Friday 11th March to share a few bottles of the good stuff and to celebrate the recent birthdays of NickOs and Ryn of Ryn & Cordie fame.

There was no particular theme this time around with regards to wine, although there's always the general principle of less wank and more wine, something this wannabe wanker sometimes struggles with!

Wine 1: Rockford Black Shiraz 2010 Disgorgement

Wine 2: Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon 2002

Wine 3: Polished Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris 2010

Wine 4: Domaine Vincent Bouzerau Mersault 1er Cru 2004

Wine 5: Isolee Olena Cepparello 1999

Wine 6: Rockford Moppa Springs GMS 2006

Wine 7: Massena Moonlight Run GSMC 2008

Wine 8: d'Arenberg Derelict Vineyard Grenache 2007

Wine 9: Boireann The Lurnea 2009

Wine 10: Summerfield Cabernet Sauvignon 2001

Wine 11: Blue Poles Merlot Cab Franc 2005

So, yet another stonking night of good wine and even better company - just how it should be.

Source: Friends and Love
Price: $ Priceless
Alcohol: Much
Closure: About 23:00 when the restaurant closed and sent me on my merry way


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