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Thursday 11 November 2010

Tamburlaine Hunter Valley 2007 Member's Reserve Verdelho

In researching the winery, I was surprised to learn that they are Australia's largest producer of organic wines. I had to revisit to see if this was a recent accreditation, but no there on the bottle, discreetly, was the word organic. It leads you to think that organic production is more a philosophy than a sales gimmick.

The wine's aroma speaks of stone fruits, a touch of lychee and typical varietal fruit salad. The second glass revealed the Grapefruit - casually lounging around in the background.

On the palate there was a touch of vanilla - and why wouldn't there be - grape. However it was the wine's finish that really made the wine: a pleasant acidity that gently dissolves through to the back palate.

A great Verdelho that paired well with a Spinach and Yellow Spit Pea curry.

Source: Gift
Retail: $29 (CD price for current release)


  1. Ohh really I wasn't aware about the organic wine before reading this post. This time I'll check it out to see whether you are right or not?
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  2. Hi travellermimi

    Thanks for popping by and commenting. It was something I was surprised to learn, and indeed did so from the winery's website.