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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

De Bortoli Windy Peak Yarra Valley Dry Rosé 2010

Revolutions start for a variety of reasons: ideology, challenging the orthodox view, seizing a moment when a groundswell of opinion carries an idea forward. It could be said that the Rosé Wine Revolution is about all three of those; or it could just be about promoting a great style of wine that hasn't been too prominent in Australia.

The Rosé Wine Revolution is being championed by one of Australia's First Families of Wine, De Bortoli. It is therefore fitting that my own revolution starts off with a Dry Rosé from their Windy Peak range.

This wine represents the sum of its constituent parts. Visually it is an off-pink, veering towards a touch of peach. Its aroma is taken from the Pinto Noir it is, in part made from, offering a hint of strawberry. I'm often reminded of boiled sweets I used to get as a youngster called "Strawberries and Cream", and there is a touch of that confectionery strawberry here.

In the mouth, the wine speaks of its Grenache and a touch of fruit from the Sangiovese. Savoury notes are at the fore, leading into a dry slightly bitter finish, but not an unpleasant one.

A great kick-off for the Revolution! You too can get involved, invite some friends over, share some Rosé - remembering its the pale, dry style that's being promoted. If you're active on the social networking site Twitter, share your experiences, using the hashtag #roserev - but most importantly, enjoy it.

Source: Gift
Cost: $13 (approx.)
Closure: Screwcap

1 comment:

  1. A great wine for the price! Looks like the revolution is gathering momentum, lets hope it results in a few more punters expanding their horizons and including Rose in the summer drinking line up!