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Monday, 8 November 2010

Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon 2006

Many consider Semillon to be the Hunter Valley's signature variety. I'm not going to argue with this viewpoint, there are many far more informed than I, and I'm certainly starting to enjoy what the region has to offer as I take myself on this vinous journey.

Mount Pleasant's Elizabeth Semillon is traditionally released as a four year old wine - as is the case here. However, starting in 2010 it appears that McWilliam's - the owner of Mount Pleasant - is going to start releasing Elizabeth with a dual-release strategy. At the recent Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show, a helpful McWilliam's employee advised that the 2010 Elizabeth recently released is not intended to substitute the traditional 4 year old. In addition, he advised the young release contains approximately 10% Sauvignon Blanc.

So to this wine, and before I attempt to convey how I saw it, I must say it went well with my wife and some lazy Sunday fish and chips. The aroma is almost Riesling like, a little touch of lime cordial that I didn't really catch in the palate. The fore-palate itself had tantalising glimpses of acidity that morphed into typical varietal tart lemon notes.

The most interesting aspect for me was the finish: the acidity started to get taken through the back palate - it stayed with me for a short while, then simply fell away. If the flavours had held for longer it would have been an altogether more memorable wine.

I had a second glass a day later, whilst I caught that initial lime on the nose, the other characteristics referred to above were missing.

Source: Retail
Price: about $13


  1. Stu,

    They also have a museum release - of a 10 year old Lizzie for about $25.
    Though praised by the likes of Halliday, even the best Elizabeth only gives a small glimpse of what good Hunter Semillon can offer.

  2. Hi Edward,

    Thanks for popping by. I wasn't aware of the 10YO Lizzie. Whilst at the Brisbane GFWS I had a taste of the Phil Ryan and Lovedale, both incredibly young but showing glimpses of what they offer.

    What else could you suggest beyond these?

    Kind regards


  3. Stu,

    I think Tyrrell's have just re-released their 1999 Vat 1, which I tried last year for the first time. It's stupendous and was perhaps my favourite white wine of the year.

    The Tyrrell's Stevens wineyard semillon is also excellent and more modestly priced.