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Wednesday 11 December 2019

Tapanappa Tiers Vineyard Chardonnay 2018

Intoxicating. Perhaps the laziest descriptor there is. Yet, it conveys the allure of premium Adelaide Hills, the stonefruit and citrus aromatics supported by the nuances of premium oak that served - or stored - it so well.

Initially subtle, of guile, yet it soon blossoms - nigh balloons - across the palate. Subtlety of flavour, married to a fine vein of acid, the omnipresent oak and with a certain presence that conveys quality. 

Seemingly a hard one to pin down, undoubted quality, yet I kept coming back to that initial subtlety as it introduces itself. Poised, balanced, and before you know it, it's made itself at home and you've consumed a glass. 95

Tasted on: Wednesday 6th November, a Flower day 
Source: Sample
Price: $90
Alcohol: 13.8%
Closure: Screwcap

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