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Thursday, 17 August 2017

The Battle for Wine and Love.....

Except, I don't claim to have saved the world from Parkerization.

You see, I've been challenged by wine a lot of late. I'm not going to go as far to say we've fallen out, it's just that, well maybe our relationship changed for a bit.

"Love changes, changes everything
Love makes you fly it can break your wings"
~ Climie Fisher, Love Changes Everything

The relationship we have with our Muses can often change. Just as change can and does occur within relationships. We find a particular aspect about a love fascinating and it acts as the most barbed of hooks to dive headfirst into, to immerse ourselves totally into that particular aspect.

We become absorbed, besotted, and then - perhaps - almost blind to that particular aspects faults.

Look, I'm still here wine, it's just we're possible having trouble understanding each other as we once used at the minute. And perhaps you're presently serving a different purpose.

I'll be back. Very soon.

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