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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Riesling Revival

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Pressing the "pause" button on the blog has given me some much needed time to take stock, to think about why I chose to pontificate about wine in the first place. To think what it is about wine that still gets me excited. For wine to be the reason that a holiday choice is often a veiled means to consider what regions/wineries may be able to be included in a trip, either a weekend break or something longer in form.

I think back to some of the earlier posts that reference, or reflect, some of those early influences, see Wine List, or "The Wine Everybody Loves But Nobody Buys", and perhaps wine is "Just a Drink" after all.

And after all that reflection, and perhaps the need to just have a drink, i kept coming back to Riesling. If the "Wine List" was my great introduction to both Grenache and Riesling, it seems that the former is again having its time in the sun. Well, it is if a Gourmet Traveller Wine tasting of that great variety in the September edition is anything to go by.

And so I came back to Riesling. To its ability to reflect place. To its ability to enliven. To its ability to make me think of the warmer months ahead. To its ability to make me think of buckets of prawns shared, of sand in toes, of looking forward to visiting Europe come the end of 2017 and hopefully tasting and possibly drinking more of it in its Germanic guise.

I don't profess any singular ability to revive significant levels of interest in this fantastic variety, but by jove I'm gonna give it a damn good-one-man-and-his-wine-glass try to bring a few to your attention.

Wanna join me for the ride?

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1 comment:

  1. We are certainly enjoying our very own 2016 Tarzali Vineyard Riesling here at home. It sure does speak of summer. We have our new 2017 coming soon. Bring on the Riesling!!