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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Lark Hill Viognier 2015

Winemaker Chris Carpenter has a firm hand on the tiller of this engimatic variety. Not easy to get right, here Carpenter has picked a little early to retain some acidity with sacrificing trademark stonefruit and spice.

You can almost imagine biting into the delicate, fuzzy, softness of a barely ripe Apricot as you lower the olfactory organ into this one.

Like its stonefruit counterpart, it's fleshy; the initial introduction shows a wine of textural substance, segueing to experience enhancing ground ginger. There's a little grip and acidic tingle on the back palate. It's one you want to judge the temperature right with, a 'Goldilocks' - not too cold, not too warm. Excellent wine. 92

Tasted on: Wednesday 25th November, a Fruit transitioning to Root day
Source: Sample
Price: $25
Alcohol: 11.5%
Closure: Screwcap

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