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Tuesday 18 March 2014

Ravens Croft Pinotage 2011

I think I'd oft considered Pinotage the variety "only a Mother could love". Seemingly grown by and sold to South Africans. I'd heard bad things about the variety: variously gamey or smelling of rotten meat. It's certainly an interesting variety, being a cross between two very different parents, being Pinot Noir and Cinsault.

So, hearing good things about this example, and being familiar with some of the producer's other work - winemaker Mark Ravenscroft himself being a South African - I took a punt. I picked this up in April 2013, there it sat in the fridge - we often eyed each other up, but never quite sought the courage to talk....

Attractive berry fruit and floral aromatics - seems to take the lead from its Pinot Noir parentage here. There's a little spice and cocoa/ coffee/ mocha, latterly presenting cherry/ cola hints.

Soft and light on entry, segues to a savoury - slightly savoury - persuasion, offering up soft and powdery tannin. Lacks a little persistence on the finish. Is it varietal? I don't know. Is it pleasant to drink, absolutely. Would I buy it again? Yes. 88

For more information on the variety and indeed some information on it in Australia, head on over to:

Tasted on: Saturday 22nd February, a Flower to Leaf Day
Source: Retail, Wine Experience
Price: $36
Alcohol: ?
Closure: Screwcap

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1 comment:

  1. Rotten meat? I'd say biltong/jerky and burnt rubbery reduction. I think it's a valid variety when done well. Blends with Shiraz probably better than going solo