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Monday, 31 March 2014

La Petite Mort Viognier 2012

La Petite Mort is a euphemism for the good old orgasm. It's also the 'experimental' arm of the Granite Belt's Bent Road Winery, the label where they can have play around with techniques or run up small batches of wines. It's also home to quite possibly the most stunning labels seen in the region, a region not known for its adventurous styling or packaging.

Sees a little extended skin contact for additional colour extraction, but you wouldn't call it an 'orange' wine on the basis of its colour.

Opens with citrus, creamy puff pastry, suggestion of florals - honeysuckle - and a little vanilla. A touch of smokiness, it's a textural, weighty beast - spice builds here, has phenolic grip. Good texture that develops, supported by a little acidity.

Drank well over two days, retention of a little vitality with textural grip. 92

Tasted on: Wednesday 19th March, Root to Flower
Source: Retail, Craft Red Hill
Price: $28
Alcohol: 13.3%
Closure: Cork

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  1. Hey, thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    You might be interested to know that we just released the 2014 Viognier - very much in a similar style to the 12. Craft are also stocking the 2014 Amphora White (Marsanne dominant) which is an even more grippy and old-worldy style that might suit your palate.

    You'll find my email on the La Petite Mort site if you want to get in touch.
    Would you mind if I linked to this article from our website?

    1. Hi Andrew - more than happy for you to link the review. I need to get to craft to pick up the 14s, sadly I couldn't make it when Glen was in store.