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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Brash Higgins NDV Nero d'Avola 2011

Artists find inspiration from many sources. The source of inspiration for this Nero d'Avola from McLaren Vale is some 15,000 kilometres away in Sicily, the home of this grape variety and the home of COS wines. COS ferment their top tier wines in 400L clay amphorae sunk into the ground, and it is this production technique that Brad Hickey of Brash Higgins chose to adopt for this local homage.

Hickey grafted over the Nero onto some Shiraz root stock back in 2009. The variety is pretty hardy, drought-resistant, a good suit for the Mediterranean climes of McLaren Vale.

Drought resistant. Except that the start of vintage in 2011 was at the tail of Australia's wettest July - December (2010) on record. Overlook that fact. Look at the beauty within.

Spending seven months on skins across 6 200L wax-lined clay amphorae. The result is so expressive, so pretty. Even a short time in glass sees a marked evolution in the wine's aromatic profile. Initially spicy, hints of dark gingerbread waft out of the glass. Moving to florals, opening up to cherry, dried herb and lavender. Beautiful. Quite possibly like nothing else.

In the mouth an unbelievable lightness. You might just say medium-bodied. Has a delicacy to it, yet it's assured. There's a little tannic texture, some aniseed, a twist of pepper, sour cherry and acidic tang. Light, bright and long is how it finishes. So fresh, just love the way it morphs. A shapeshifter. Consume and prepare to be consumed. 93 - Very Good 

Tasted on: Tuesday 28th May, a Fruit Day
Source: Retail, Grand Central Cellars
Price: $37
Alcohol: 13%
Closure: Screwcap

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  1. Great review Stu! You've nailed it and captured a beautiful wine.